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Last Updated 22 March 2013, 14:18 IST

Toe-rings can make all types of feet look pretty, and great colour to them writes Meera Seshadri.

Just a few decades back, toe-rings were only symbolic of marital status of Indian women, were retailed at jewellery shops in limited patterns. The designs available during those days were the basic, staid and uninviting ones – like the spiraled one, wherein 3-4 circular silver pieces are cleaved to one another. The other one used to be the ‘onaki’ kind, having V-shaped design. Yet another type was the solitary stubby round ones, with teeny ghungroos at the mid-region.  

Today a barrage of bedazzling toe-ring designs have blitzed the jewellery market, bringing a fresh breeze to the fustiness of age-old ones. What’s more, today the nouveau designed toe-rings, have not only captivated the fancy of our nubile young lasses, but have also charmed firangi chics across the globe.

Nowadays, in some of the fashion accessory outlets, you get Chinese toe-rings, which are stretchable bands, with a row of glittering stones ensconced in them. Available in all colours, at knock-down prices, these toe-rings spell jaw-dropping appeal. You also find impressive white-metal, black-metal, and artificial gilded toe-rings. Not to discount the avalanche of awesome toe-ring varieties in pure silver. Sevral silver toe-rings these days are groovy and self-adjustable, making them pretty and functional at the same time.      
Today the silver toe-rings are sold in such singularly stunning, futuristic designs that just by sporting a pair of them, one can make a strong style statement, especially during mega social events such as weddings. Some high-end toe-rings are embedded with precious gems, which have in them a cocktail of bling and beauty elements. In fact, you get customized gold toe-rings too. And, there are silver toe-rings available as a set, along with magnificent matching anklets. Sometimes these toe-rings are fastened with the anklets through a dainty silver chain.

Quite a few ladies crib about their not-so-pretty feet. All they need to do is pedicure them, apply some nail varnish and wear fancy toe-rings, with the right pair of sandals, and they are sure to fall in love with their own feet! So the next time you go shopping, see if you can lay your hands on a pair of new-age toe-rings.


* Accentuate the beauty of toe-rings by wearing them on well pedicured feet.

* A tastefully applied nail colour on toe nails, with an alluring set of anklets, can ramp up the magical impact of toe-rings.

* Buy teeny and trendy toe-rings, bereft of stones and other embellishments, which can be used on adjacent toes, along with the main one.

* Toe-rings look prominent on open-toed shoes and stilettos, flip-flops, and Kolhapuri flats.

* Don’t use enameled toe-rings that are studded with precious gems, else the enamel might get flaked off or the stones might lose their shimmer.

(Published 22 March 2013, 14:18 IST)

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