Made for the masses

Tamil (U/A) ¬¬¬
Cast: Dileepan, Anjali, Jagan, Sampath Raj, Saranya Ponvannan, Jayaprakash
Director: P Kinslin

A Kollywood launchpad for producer A R Murugadoss’ brother Dileepan, Vathikuchi — by debutant P Kinslin, a protege of A R Murugadoss — is your proverbial potboiler. It’s players comprise Sakthi, a Good Samaritan, whom the trio of insurer Vanaraj, local toughie Binny and jeweller Gangariya want dead. It’s obvious he has rubbed them the wrong way.

While the plot, peppered with ensemble boxoffice elements, plods on to unravel the mystery behind their hatred to have him knocked down, our Sakthi is busy trying to shoot cupid arrows at Meena/Leena who doesn’t care two hoots. She has high ambitions of rising above her social status with English-Vinglish and a haute couture wardrobe on her snooty sleeve.

Well, given Vathikuchi’s basic premise of a common citizen taking on the scumbags of society with wit and wallop, Vathikuchi has the masses rooting it.  While Dileepan does a decent do given it’s his prospective vehicle for stamping his arrival, Anjali is a pale presence. With the technical team of Ghibran (music), Gurudev (camera), Rajasekaran (stunts), and Praveen (editing), helping Kinslin stew up a snazzy suspense, viewers get their wallet’s worth of entertainment. A wee offbeat in presentation, Vathikuchi, does have its lows and lags, willy-nilly comedy and a second half which drags ad-infinitum.

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