Love and betrayal make up memory basket

Love and betrayal make up memory basket

Kannada (U) ¬¬¬¬
Director: Dhanuchandra Mavinkunte
Cast: Hemanth, Supritha, Ramesh Bhat, Karibasavaiah and others

“Though I do things for a reason you don’t go looking for it,” says the girl to her lover. Love sure doesn’t have the backing of anything reasonable. Not even when life gets altered – for good or for worse.

Adapted from a real life story Nenapinangala is yet another creditable work by newcomers. Known faces are Supritha, Ramesh Bhat, Karibasavaiah, Sudha Belawadi and others. Yet, they allow newcomers hog the limelight for the right reasons.

Hemanth’s is a confident debut with natural acting while the director who’s also the script writer has put in words that are in common use, and thereby, very relatable.

Supritha as the girl in a dilemma every girl undergoes one time or the other brings back memories of her turn in Ambaari. Sudha, Ramesh Bhat and others do their job well. But it is the late Karibasavaiah who delivers that gut-wrenching performance in a very short time onscreen.

Another film that took time to get completed, Nenapinangala nevertheless has plenty going for it.

The most notable being composer C R Bobby’s tunes. With Nenapinangala, Bobby finally has come into her own and the results are better than pleasing. Renukumar’s camera and the colour scheme play truant, specially towards the end but some fine performances coupled with absorbing dialogues make these mistakes bearable.
But, Mavinkunte succumbs to newcomers’ nerves and eagerness.

He stretches the climax unnecessarily and all the good work comes nearly undone with it. Story is nothing out of the ordinary, but this is a rare instance of performances, music and dialogues all pitching in to transform ordinary into extraordinary. This playground of memories has plenty of positives to take home.