New driver to dig water pit

New driver to dig water pit

New driver to dig water pit

Award winning organic farmer from Nenamanahalli, N R Chandrashekhar, is well-known for experimenting on use of little resources to get good yield. His efforts, especially on minimal use of water, have been commended in this arid region.

In a new move on Friday, Deputy Commissioner D S Vishwanath inaugurated work on a water pit on Chandrashekhar’s farm.

Second attempt

This is the second such water pit in the farmer’s land. Chandrashekhar, who follows an integrated water and rain fed dry water system, has already dug a similar pit to collect rainwater to irrigate his 30-gunta land at Nenamanahalli.

Now, Chandrashekhar has decided to dig a second such pit in his other seven-acre land in the village. Impressed by the farmer’s efforts, the DC himself took the driver’s seat of the earth mover used to dig the pit.

‘Model ideas’

“While most farmers in Kolar district are struggling to make do with whatever little water they get from the borewells, Chandrashekhar has utilised about 20 guntas of his water land to dig a pit and collect water. He has set a model that should be followed by other farmers as refilling a dry borewell by digging such a collection pit will greatly solve the water crisis of farmers,” said Vishwanath.

Mining and Geology Department senior geologist Veerashekhara Swamy, Assistant Agricultural Director Gayathri, organic farmer from Malur Sampath Kumar, Apiarist Mariswamy and others were present.