BJP takes on DERC, asks for its chief's resignation

BJP takes on DERC, asks for its chief's resignation

The city BJP on Friday sought to find fault with the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission’s reply on queries related to tariff determination process, saying DERC has not given any specific answer. The party then went on to demand the resignation of the DERC chief.

City BJP president Vijay Goel said DERC chairman P D Sudhakar should resign. Quoting the DERC letter, Goel said the regulatory authority has noted the tariff determination process undertaken by it is in accordance with regulations framed by the commission in terms of section 61 of the Electricity Act, 2003.

“The commission follows an open, transparent procedure under which tariff petitions filed by generation, transmission and distribution utilities are widely publicised,” he quoted from the letter.

Goel, however, said the DERC has given a general answer to the queries they raised pertaining to the tariff.

He said if one asked the public to pay inflated bills and then extend rebates to discoms, it will not benefit them in any way.

“We will ask DERC to hold a public hearing, which will be attended by the DERC chairman and officials, journalists and experts. We will put up questions and all things will be cleared then,” said Goel.

He said people will not be able to fight the powerful discoms. “Discoms have influence over everybody and they have an extensive reach. The common people will not be able to fight and confront them,” he added.