AP CM moots state disaster response force

AP CM moots state disaster response force

He added that States should  try to adopt eco-friendly solutions to prevent and mitigate disasters.

Rosaiah was addressing members of the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) on “Solutions to Natural Calamities” during his visit to the City on Friday.

Emphasising the need to adopt a long term strategy for disaster management, Rosaiah said, “We need to establish early warning systems in place and an integrated approach to disaster management. NGOs and corporates must be involved in disaster mitigation and prevention through institutional mechanisms.”

Rosaiah also stressed on the need for a comprehensive disaster management plan and said that 10 percent of the budget for disaster management must be set aside for capacity building. He added that local communities will be critical in building capacity for disaster management.

He praised the BJP-led government of Karnataka for regulating the water outflow from its dams to ease the impact on Andhra Pradesh. “During times of crises, differences between States and parties do not exist. All parties work together,” he said.

Rosaiah added that although Andhra Pradesh was among the most disaster prone states in the country, it was at the forefront of tackling disasters.

“We have managed to limit the human loss to 90 and have in the past too been successful in dealing with these disasters,” Rosaiah said.