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Running away from the past

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan’ stars Adam Sandler, John Turturro, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Nick Swardson and Lainie Kazan. Zohan works as a special agent in Israel. Keen on giving up this life for a better one, Zohan fakes his death and hides in a dog kennel on a plane heading to New York. Once there, he decides to try his hand at hair-styling. He does not get work to begin with and offers to work for free with Dahlia. When a hairstylist quits, he gets her job and soon Zohan wins over the elderly female clients. Zohan falls in love with Dahlia and plans to propose to her. But before that, she is in some trouble with her landlord, Walbridge. Will Zohan be able to sort it out? Catch the flick on Star Movies at 4.07 pm on March 25 to find out.

Glimpses of the good life

Catch ‘Living with a Superstar’ on TLC at 10.30 pm on March 25. This reality series is all about superstars — no part of the show is scripted and all shoots are spontaneous. In this episode, the documentary traces Shah Rukh Khan as a businessman, global hit, doting father and husband and finally the ‘badshah’ of Bollywood. It includes rare footage from the life of the celebrity.

In search of a murderer

Hidden Agenda’ stars Frances McDormand, Brian Cox, Brad Dourif, Bernard Archard and Maureen Bell.

In this movie, a human rights lawyer from America is murdered in Belfast.

His girlfriend and a tough, no-nonsense police detective set out to find the reason for his murder and also catch the murderer.

Watch the film on MGM at 7 pm on March 25 to see what they find on their quest.

Adventure on the train

In ‘Wild Wild West’, Jim West (played by Will Smith) is a former civil war hero and Artemus Gordon (essayed by Kevin Kline) is a US Marshal who is an expert at disguise. Arliss Loveless (portrayed by Kenneth Branagh) is a mad man threatening the country.

President Ulysses Grant orders Jim and Artemus to team up against the villain and have him arrested. Watch the film as Jim and Artemus use their combined skills to
outsmart Arliss during a train journey from Washington to Utah. It airs on HBO at 6.55 pm on March 25. It also stars Salma Hayek and Ted Levine.

Trained assassins in disguise

In ‘So Close’, hackers break into a business’ computer system and spread a powerful virus that is almost impossible to stop. Lynn is a beautiful woman who calls herself a ‘computer angel’. She offers to help and stops the virus in no time. But along with her sister Sue, Lynn manages to kill the company’s CEO. The two women are actually trained assassins. Watch the film to see how they escape the brilliant forensics expert Hong, who is hot on their trail. It airs on Sony Pix at 4.20 pm on March 25 and stars Qi Shu, Wei Zhao, Karen Mok, Seung-heon Song and Yasuaki Kurata.

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