Police find clues in jeweller's murder

Police find clues in jeweller's murder

City police claim that they are on the verge of a major breakthrough in Saturday’s murder of a jeweler.

Police sources said the sniffer dogs had led investigating officers to a pair of slippers and the empty, discarded carton of a new kitchen knife, across the street corner. Police believe the kitchen knife to be the murder weapon.

Investigating officers are now trying to determine where the knife was purchased from and when.

Although the assailants had attempted to erase all trace of their identity by removing the entire CCTV system from the shop, they were captured by the pan-tilt-zoom camera from the neighbouring ESI Hospital junction.

Police are analysing the footage and sources said that the camera had captured images of the men as they moved in and out of the junction. According to the footage, at least three men were involved in the murder.

Two special teams, formed to investigate the case, have travelled to a neighbouring state, following certain leads.