Obtaining ration card still a Herculean task

Obtaining ration card still a Herculean task

Despite registering, cards to be issued post-polls

Obtaining ration card still a Herculean task

Obtaining a ration card has turned out be a Herculean task for the residents of the city with the State government introducing a new system.

Apart from load shedding and poor connectivity of internet, the whole process demands the applicants to bear the official hurdles. Besides, the fact that cards will be issued only after the elections has come as a rude shock to the applicants.

The eligible applicants, now, have to register their names through a mobile phone to get a token number and a security card, which need to be submitted while submitting the form. Despite registering, the people have to wait endlessly for their turn.

Besides, the new applicants are required to introduce any card holders to have their card. This has proved to be a headache for the people. “Sometimes, we need to plead strangers to introduce themselves for us. It’s not an easy task,” said an applicant here. This has forced the cardholders to wait with the cardholders to complete their duty.

Under the new process, the applicants — after submitting their token number and security code — are required to give their details which includes address proof and photo identity cards. The details will be scanned and uploaded on the net. Later, the applicants and their family members will be photographed to be attached to the applications. Along with it, thumb impression, telephone numbers and RR number will also be added. Later, applicants will get a receipt to be shown at the department office to get the card. But this whole process is time-confusing.

“We have been waiting here for the past one hour. Even after submitting the token number and security code, we are still waiting here,” said a applicant from PC Layout.
Scanning works are taken up only after 9 pm, which is causing inconvenience to the applicants.

“We took leave from our offices just to be in queue. But due to load shedding and poor internet facility, we had to wait all through the day. We came back again at 6.30 pm and by the time the photography process was over it was 8 pm. We were told be here by 9.30 pm to scan our papers. Finally, the whole process was completed by 11 pm. Do we have to do so much to get ration cards,” said a couple here.

But, applicants have to wait till the elections are over to get the ration card. Since election code of conduct is in place, the ration cards will not be issued now. “We spend so much of our time here but the cards will be issued only after the elections. The system is not proper,” rued a few applicants.

More centres demanded

To enable smooth registration, the government has set up five service centres in the city. But most of the centres are working in a very congested place. Lack of staff and insufficient computers have delayed the process. The applicants have urged to open more such service centres to expedite the process.

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