Artistes' protest continues for fourth day

Artistes' protest continues for fourth day

Artistes' protest continues for fourth day

The crowd that visited Rangayana to watch the weekend play ‘Beechi Bullets’ on Sunday returned disappointed, while a few extended their support to the Rangayana artistes, who continued their protest against apathy of authorities towards them.

Unlike previous occasions, this time the play was not staged inside Bhoomigeetha, Rangayana. The artistes were forced to perform the play out on the streets in front of Kalamandir. To hit back at the protesting artistes, the department of Kannada and Culture arranged for a play Chora Charanadasa’ by Natana troupe headed by theatre personality Mandya Ramesh.

The troupe was however witness to many an empty chairs. One among the many Rangayana artsistes supporters was Saroja Hegde, artiste of Rangayana and wife of Mandya Ramesh.

She said that she was personally hurt by the developments within the repertory. When asked about her husband’s troupe performing, despite the controversy, she said that her husband’s first preference was theatre and that she would not want to comment on his personal decisions. “But as an artiste, I seek justice in the issues pertaining to Rangayana artistes,” she added.

Kannada and Culture commissioner K R Ramakrishna, who assumed charge as Rangayana’s director on Saturday appealed to the artistes to withdraw their protest.
S R Ramesh, theatre activist, condemned Ranga Samaja for the treatment meted out to the artistes. He also demanded the resignation of the members of Ranga Samaja. “The productions of Rangayana will be less valued without the whole team,” he added.

Muddu Krishna, theatre activist said that the regular audience had boycotted the play by Natana troupe.

Prakash Garuda, theatre personality, who is in city to direct a play for budding artistes said that the authorities should have negotiated with the artistes before passing the orders. “Rangayanas of Dharwad and Shimoga will be benefitted by the expertise of these artistes for sure. But the department should not have appointed inexperienced directors to those Rangayanas,” he added.

He said that the quality of productions at Rangayana Mysore would be hampered.
Manjunath Shastri, a Rangayana regular, said that he was disappointed to find the artistes performing ‘Beechi Bullets’ on the streets.