Crowds keep away from Kejriwal's fast

Crowds keep away from Kejriwal's fast

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal’s indefinite fast urging people not to pay “inflated” power and water bills entered the third day but crowds kept away even as he defended the low turnout saying the real work is to reach out to people and not large numbers at the protest venue.

Kejriwal said he was in good shape and there is no concern about his health.

“Crowd is not needed at the protest spot. The work of volunteers and people who agreed with the movement was to spread out to every corner of the city to urge people to rise and revolt against the injustice of unfairly hiked water and electricity rates,” he said.

“What are you so scared about? Why can’t you unite and throw out the henchmen of discoms when they come to your neighbourhoods to snap your electricity connections?” he said. In a statement, AAP said a total of 1.12 lakh people have expressed their support for Kejriwal’s Civil Disobedience Movement.

Another 75,737 more protest letters to Sheila Dikshit were signed on Sunday taking the final count to 1,12,478. Through the letters people are urging the chief minister to put a stop to corruption.