BWSSB warns against tapping water illegally

BWSSB warns against tapping water illegally

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB), on Monday, urged the public to report incidents of persons digging pits on the roadside and opening pipes to get more water.

In an official press note, the board, while pointing out that it had learnt about such incidents during inspections of certain densely populated areas said: In such cases, water collected in pits mix with drinking water and leads to contamination.

With summer around the corner, the risks of spreading water-borne diseases like cholera is high, hence people should avoid doing this and report to the board if they find anybody doing so.

Tapping water outside meter connection is punishable as per Board Act. If such incidents are noticed, strict action will be taken against them, it said.

Disconnection drive
In another note, it said, that continuing its disconnection drive on Saturday and Monday, the Board has disconnected 224 connection and collected dues of Rs 3.28-lakh, besides issuing 62 notices. The drive was conducted in the sub-divisions of North-1, South-East-2, South-East-3, Central-3, South-3, South-West-3, West-3  and North-West-3.