Technology to free city from plastic hazards

Technology to free city from plastic hazards

NIE-Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies (CREST), in association with Alton Technologies, is promoting a technology of converting waste plastic into fuel oils.

Plastic, produced from crude oils, now is perceived as hazardous for both human beings as well as environment. Applying reverse engineering technology, Alton Technologies has come up with a process to convert plastic waste into fuels, which could be used in agriculture and industries.

In the advanced process of Catalytic Fuel Oil Generating System (C-FOGS), plastic waste is heated with a catalyst at 700 degrees, without oxygen in a furnace and vaporised. The heat destroys the chemistry of plastic, resulting in synthetic oil, which has characteristics of fuel oil. Crude oil produced first, which is converted into refined fuel by distillation within the Catalytic Pyrolysis Unit. Gas, a by-product, which has properties equivalent to LPG, is used to run the unit.

The residue charcoal, has characteristics of coal and could be used to replace the latter. NIE-CREST has signed a MoU with the company to develop the technology further.
The present plant of Alton Technologies at Nanjangud has a capacity to convert up to 10 kg plastic per hour. One kg of plastic waste produces nearly 900 ml of fuel.

The particular machine is set up at cost of Rs five lakh. The price varies according to the capacity.

N Satish, director of Alton Technologies, claims that the advanced technology of catalytic base (catalytic hybrid system) is a first of its kind in India, though it exists since almost 10 years with various modifications in the technology.

Satish said 30 tonnes of plastic waste is produced everyday in Mysore city, which can be converted into oil to generate approximately 2MW (2000 KW) of power.

Avert mishaps

Citing recent incidents of fire accidents in garbage yards in the city, he said, the conversion method could avert such mishaps, which cause financial loss as well as health hazards.

“Agriculture is hit badly due to irregular power supply. This could be overcome by using the oil for pumpsets. In industries, the fuel can be used for boilers and generators,” he added.

He said, the scope of the technology, which now concentrates on agriculture and industries, be will expanded in coming days. “We have applied for patent,” he added.

He said, a proposal has also been submitted to Mysore City Corporation (MCC) to convert solid waste into useful fuels. The city will need six units of the capacity to convert five tonnes of waste plastic per day, he added.

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