Artisan dreams big, aims at Guinness record

Artisan dreams big, aims at Guinness record

Artisan dreams big, aims at Guinness record

A coconut infected with pests that would find a place in a dustbin turns into a piece of artefact in a few minutes with the midas touch of this artisan. James Puthanpurackal from Thattegadu, Cochin in Kerala, gives life to waste wood that is available in forests.

Bamboo canes, coconut shells, raw wood, etc transform into beautiful handicrafts that would add rustic charm to the interiors of a house.

James, who has done courses in nursery techniques and management of bamboo and cane from Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi, was one among the two selected by the Kerala government to participate in World Bamboo Day celebrations in Nagaland.

A miniature finger ring, made out of coconut shell, which is as small as a mustard is proof for his expertise. A miniature bamboo carpet, as small as a sim card, has been woven with perfect calculations and theory that is adopted to weave a normal carpet. A miniature basket has won him a gold medal at a demonstration held in Madurai.

James has also won awards at conventions organised by Nehru Yuva Kendra in 2000 at Gujarat and in 2002 at New Delhi.

 The nimble fingers and imagination of this artisan is capable of changing all parts of a coconut tree, bamboo, and roots, into exciting art forms.

James aims at finding a place in the Guinness book of world records, by weaving a huge basket that is capable of holding a jeep and lifting it. As Kerala government has banned foraying into the forests, he appeals to the Government of Karnataka to provide him necessary materials and space to fulfil his dreams.

The demo by the artisan is being held at the Crafts Bazaar at Urban Haat up to March 31.