'In Sweden, you won't encounter such hospitality!

'In Sweden, you won't encounter such hospitality!


'In Sweden, you won't encounter such hospitality!

Swedish rock singer Fidde,was here, as part of Uber Lounge, to enthrall his fans with rock n roll from the 70s, 80s and 90s. And, to our delight, we discovered that the artiste not only charmed his fans, he was utterly charmed by Delhi as well.

“I first visited India in 2008 and I have returned many times since that tour. There’s so much diversity here that I love your country!” he gushes.

The friendly nature of people here and their hospitality are not cliches but real-life truths for Fidde. “I have been to lots of places, all over the world, for my concerts but I haven’t experienced such hospitality. No, not even in Sweden,” he insists.

Admitting that he has not heard “a lot of Indian music,” he says he knows that there are many heavy metal and rock bands here. Talk on music meanders to talk on concerts and travel. “I like getting on a plane, meeting new people and learning about
different cultures.”

His Delhi itinerary has taken him to the Red Fort, ISKCON and Akshardham. “I went around Connaught Place and yes, I even hung around at India Gate,” he grins.

Fidde, who says his favourite India musician is A R Rahman, confesses that Hindi film music is not very popular in Sweden, hastening to qualify his observation with, “Sweden is a very small country; not so many Indians live there but I will try to introduce Indian music in my concerts now.”

He has elaborate plans to collaborate with India musicians. “It will be great when it happens. I have spoken to some people here for jam sessions. You never know — we may make some great music together!”

A conversation with a visiting celebrity is never complete without a gabfest about Indian cuisine, is it? “Spicy Indian food is delicious. It’s the best food I have tasted thus far. I feel hungry when I see Indian food,” he says, earnestly.

Well, if Fidde weren’t a rock star he’d make for a great diplomat.