Tapping into a pool of talent

Tapping into a pool of talent

Doubly Exciting

Tapping into a pool of talent

CMR Institute of Technology’s annual cultural and technical fests, titled ‘Cultura 13’ and ‘Expedite 3.0’, were recently held on its sprawling campus in Whitefield


Spread over two days, the fests offered students the perfect platform to showcase and exhibit their talents. There were some common management events as well as a few rather unusual ones.

‘Cultura 13’ was designed, conceptualised and put together by the students themselves. The participants and members of the organising committee confess that they bonded really well during this process. “We did everything, right from forming an extremely hardworking and efficient team to seeing that the events were handled smoothly. The planning began well in advance.

We had to pick out the coordinators from a vast group of students — all of them eager to help,” explains Varun N, one of the coordinators of the fest. He adds, “Towards the end, what had seemed like a herculean task turned out to be a most rewarding experience.”

Along with ‘Cultura 13’, ‘Expedite 3.0’ gave the students more room to explore their skills. Hosted by the MBA students, the events were all structured under the theme of ‘monarchs’ and including finance, marketing, HR, team building, ‘best manager’ and management information systems. Every event registered full participation. The topics were current and the atmosphere was competitive. 

The faculty stood by the students and lent them a lot of support and encouragement. Faculty coordinator Sam Kingsley Joshua says that he found it difficult to find the right students to run the show. “It was hard to identify students who have the potential to execute such an event. However, I soon found that the students themselves began to take initiative and volunteered to plan, organise and execute the event. Such fests give students the right kind of exposure in the fields of management, leadership and organisation.”

Suhas Nair, the judge for the ‘best manager’ event, was impressed with the pool of participants. “The contestants were not only talented but most of them seemed to handle all the questions pretty well. Others, however, were average. Either way, there’s never an end to learning,” says Suhas.  

Akshitha, from Jain University, who won the ‘best manager’ award, observes, “The events were planned very well and they all started on time. I am thrilled that I won and will remember this for a long time to come.” Gautham, a degree student who came close to winning an event, adds, “This is my first time at a management fest and it was a thrilling experience. Now that I’ve got a hang of what the fests have to offer, I will participate in more events.” The occasion concluded with a fashion show.