Practical skills first, courses next

Practical skills first, courses next

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Dear Sir,

I am studying in 10th standard. I want to pursue law. I am interested in corporate law. What is the syllabus for CLAT exams? Which subjects should I give more attention to? Please suggest some books I could refer to? Kindly guide me.

Dear Maithry,

Its good that you are focused on your career goals, and willing to prepare systematically in advance. Most candidates who succeed in competitive exams start their studies early.

You need to appear for CLAT and LSAT, the two most popular entrance exams for the 5-year BA, LLB course in most reputed institutions, including the National Law Colleges.

The main area you need to prepare is Legal Awareness since that is not taught in your school or college curriculum.

Old question papers and guide books are available in places like Avenue Road, Bangalore, which will help you to start practicing.

Dear Sir,

I am a 10th standard CBSE student. I am deeply intrested in space research and exploration. Which combination is suitable for me in PUC? Which are the top institutes offering higher studies in astronomy or astrophysics? Also, I cherish a dream of working at NASA as an Astronaut, or at ISRO. Please inform me about the courses which I should take up in this area.
Manoj M

Dear Manoj,

You may take Math, Physics and Chemistry in PUC, and the fourth subject can be any one of your interest, it does not matter much.

The most reputed institute is Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology (IISST) see website   Admission for their 4 year B.Tech is Aerospace is through their own entrance exam (open to those who have completed 12th with science subjects and minimum 70% marks).

In case you do not make it into IISST, then you can either do basic engineering or study Physics in a reputed institute like their IISERs, IITs, BITS, IISc etc. and then go for a post-graduation in either astrophysics or space technology.  By that time you will be quite clear about your goals and the courses.

Dear Sir,

I am a final sem BCom student at APS College of Commerece. I need your suggestion for my higher education. I am very much intrested to go for MBA in Finance, but one of my friends suggested me to go for MBA specialisation in HR. But I am interested in ICWA Course. What do I do?

Chaitra SP

Dear Chaitra,

Since you have studied commerce for three years, you would by now know how much of interest and talent you have in finance. If it appeals to you, then it could be the first choice since you already have a strong base through BCom.
On the other hand, if you are more of a people-related person, then you can consider HR. Right now, please focus on getting admission into a good B-school, as you can take your choice of specialization after completing 2 semesters.

Dear Sir,

I am pursuing my final sem BCom. I have a backlog in 4th sem and I know I will clear it in this sem. I am planning to study ICWA but I am intersted in entrepreneurship as well. Could you please suggest some courses in entrepreneurship?
Chetan N

Dear Chetan,

Entrepreneurship involves starting a new business and running it on your own. While any management course may be helpful, it is essentially the practical skills which are best learnt experientially.

If you do not belong to a business family, see if you can take up a job in any small organization where you are given a chance to involve yourself in all activities and get wide exposure. That way you will see how a small business is actually run, gain the necessary expertise, and then take the plunge to start your own enterprise.
Since you have a backlog, do review seriously whether you would like to attempt ICWA which is a highly competitive field and only the best students qualify.

Dear Sir,

I am presently pursuing MCA(6th sem). My query is that whether I have to take up higher education or job after MCA. If at all it is a job, I am interested in Graphic Designing, and Forensic. But I don't know exactly what qualification is required for either Graphic Designing or Forensic, and where I can apply for job with regarding to this. If my option is Graphic Design, I have basic knowledge of Photoshop. I am not so good in coding but I am quite good in drawing, sketching and painting. Is this enough for Graphic Design? If at all any extra courses have to be taken please let me know about them.


Dear Shruthi,

Forensic science is a para-medical field for which you should have either studied medicine or life sciences. Hence it may be too late for you to make a beginning in it. If you are a creative person as you have mentioned, then graphic design can certainly be a good option. If possible, try and get an entry level job in a firm that has a design department and are willing to give you work. Do not worry if salary is very low, the experience will be more important than any other course you may do now. Once you have ensured that you are on your way to becoming a graphic design professional, then you may consider specific courses to sharpen your skills further.