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 The finale episode had Salman Khan at his talkative best — he probably saved the best for the last. With stars like Ajay Devgan and Fardeen Khan for company, Salman decided to spill the beans on some well-kept secrets. The grand finale of 10 Ka Dum had a host of special guests like Shivaji Satam and his CID team. Salman also had a surprise in store for him. He least expected that someone would impersonate him on his own show. One of the many entertaining acts in the grand finale was the team from Comedy Circus, Krishna and Sudesh, who came up with an act where they hosted the show a la Salman Khan. Indian Idol finalists Abhijeet Sawant and Sourabhee also made an appearance and shook a leg with Salman.

The feast is on!
Respond to your soul’s dream and your stomach’s appetite as National Geographic Channel’s sumptuous show, Food Lover’s Guide to the Planet comes back in its second season. Food lovers are taken across countries, as they experience a new culture and a new cuisine every sunday.  On this show, every destination is a dream destination —  from delightful cuisines in exotic places to extraordinary people carrying on age old traditions. Premiering October 25, the series is all set to captivate viewers with exquisite world cuisine from around the globe, every sunday night at 8pm. On October 25, watch ‘Turkish Delights’. With one foot in the continent of Europe and the other in the continent of Asia, the city of Istanbul literally unites a multitude of cultures.

Tracking down the man-eater
Manhunter is the true tale of the famous hunter-turned-conservationist, Jim Corbett, and the big cat that slaughtered 126 people over a period of eight years in the Himalayan foothills, shortly after the end of World War I. Analysis of the kills and the behavior of killer led to one conclusion — the culprit is a leopard. When leopards turn into man-eaters, they are the most dangerous of our predators. Discover India follows the hunter to know the truth. Track the story on October 31 at 9 pm on Discovery Channel.

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