Wandering along beaches

Wandering along beaches

 If you happen to be male, that is. Since this interview has been done by a female reporter and none of the madly aspiring male studs in office (Sunday editors often indulge in these small acts of meanness) the question does arise.

“So how did you go from being House Bunny at the Playboy Mansion to hosting Beach Watch, a show for Discovery Travel & Living,” I ask nastily, risking a clobbering on the head from any adoring men in the vicinity. “The channel approached me and said they wanted to do a show about the world’s best beaches, and they were looking for a host. I’ve always wanted to host my own show and to be able to travel the world and go the greatest beaches was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up,” says the former Playboy mansion dweller.

Twelve different regions have been covered, with the host checking out as many as six different beaches in each location taking the total number to around 60 to 70 beaches is what I’m told. So this is a show about the world’s best beaches. And the lady checking them out owns one of the world’s best bodies. Basically implies a wardrobe of  bikinis, Bermudas, tiny sun dresses, shorts (Go right ahead, drool all over this page).

Small travel bag? I enquire curtly. The lady is amused. “We had a total of nine big luggages for the actual wardrobe. We changed for every single scene we did. So if I went to breakfast on the beach, it was one dress and then in the next scene for laying out on the beach or playing Frisbee on the beach, I was in a different outfit. I changed probably a minimum of three times a day and the most like six times a day. For my personal stuff I had three large bags, and then I had a wardrobe stylist that brought six giant suitcases on rollers.” Which, I guess, is (like) a million wardrobe changes? So why the heck is this show not on Fashion TV? I’m ignored.

Bridget is just warming up to the topic. “We had people that donated to us, and then we purchased stuff. My favourite bikini line is called Beach Bunny. That’s the name of the designer. But then we also had cover-ups and sundresses and shorts and athletic wear, and evening stuff to go out in, so we had tons of high heels because it makes your legs look really good, and your butt, when you wear high heels with a bikini”. Now I am seriously thinking of committing suicide by swallowing my pen or at least taking big bites out of laptop mouse in frustration.

Wait, she’s not finished yet. “For bikinis, I like Beach Bunny. And then for shoes, we had all kinds from Mark Jacobs to Christian, Louis Vuitton, to just everyday shoes that we found along the way. And we liked to get things that were from each area as well.  For instance, when we were in Australia, we bought the Australian bikini. When we were in Thailand, we got Thai shoes and cute little outfits. In Morocco, we got the coolest shoes, and fun stuff to....” BRIDGET! Err, ahem, thanks a lot.
Just one last question before we wrap up. Do you think the channel would have approached you if this was a show on — say — the coldest mountains of the world? (The interviewer is getting meaner, or maybe insanely jealous) “I hope not because I hate the cold. I like it to be nice and warm, and I’m not very good in the cold,” she says endearingly. Alright guys, hand her your jackets! I’m getting out of here.

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