Dhoni, Hussey bat for seven games

Dhoni, Hussey bat for seven games

'Ample time to bounce back from a bad start, onus is on consistency'

Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni reacts after net practice at Vadodara.PTI This series is a long one and this gives you an opportunity to come back into the series even if you lose the first few games,” Dhoni offered here on Saturday.

Hussey was in sync with Dhoni. “Yeah, I agree. The more matches, the more time to get back if you have a bad start. But both teams play well with momentum. Once they have momentum, the Indian team can be difficult to stop and similarly with us, when we have the momentum we are difficult to stop,” Hussey explained.

Elaborating further, Dhoni said: “It is a seven-match series, so you have ample time in between because the span of the series is quite long. It is important to play good cricket throughout because it is not like a five-game or a four-game series where you win the first few games and the tournament is in your hands.”

Pointing to India’s early departures from the World T20 and the Champions Trophy, Dhoni felt that the team’s recent record hid more than it revealed. “When it comes to stats, you can say we have not done well in the World T20 and the Champions Trophy. But if you look at the Champions Trophy, we just had one bad game and then we had a washed-out game. At the same time, we won one game, so it is very difficult to say that we are not doing well,” he remarked.

Dhoni admitted that Australia had an advantage when it came to all-rounders. “All-rounders are crucial because when you have good all-rounders, you can play with five specialist bowlers. Definitely they have the luxury because when it comes to having all-rounders, they are a side which has better talent,” he stated.

Hussey, meanwhile, said the presence of some of the Australian players in the closing stages of the Champions League would help rather than harm his team. “I think they will be fine,” he noted. “They have played in these conditions for a while and that is going to be a help but yes, these first couple of games will be pretty hard on them.

“They have played quite a few games in a row and are coming in with just a day’s break. But they are professional cricketers and they will adapt quickly.”