US expresses concern over communal violence in Myanmar

US expresses concern over communal violence in Myanmar

Expressing concern over the ongoing communal violence in Myanmar, the US has asked the Asian country to restore order and maintain peace.

"We do remain deeply concerned about the communal unrest in central Burma (Myanmar)," State Department spokesperson Patrick Ventrell told reporters.

There were reports overnight of another mosque and a number of homes that were burned in the town of Nattalin, approximately 90 miles north of Yangoon, he said.

Ventrell said the US is urging Burmese authorities to restore order and maintain peace in a manner that respects human rights and due processes of law, and to provide all necessary assistance to internally displaced people.

"So that's really the appropriate role for the military," he said."This is an ethnically diverse country. We're encouraging a move toward a pluralistic, tolerant society, but in terms of the role of the military, obviously they're going through a transition and this is something that's still being worked on. But to the extent that they're able to restore order, that's a positive thing," Ventrell said in response to a question.

The spokesperson, however, refrained from making any comments on the military parade in the area, but noted that it is a good thing to the extent that the Myanmar Army helped restore security to affected areas.

"Clearly the transition is a work in progress, and they're still working through some of these issues as they - clearly they're becoming - they've had a historic opening and become increasingly under civilian rule," he said.