'It's time I took control of my life'

'It's time I took control of my life'

New Realisation

'It's time I took control of my life'

There has been a lot of changes in actress Bipasha Basu’s life, both personal and professional, in the last few years.

From a dusky bombshell to an unconventional actress, who doesn’t shy away from portraying bold characters, Bipasha agrees she has changed for the better.

“I have faced a lot of ups and downs. Mistakes have been made but it’s time to accept them and move on. Someday, I can look back and laugh at them. But now, I have started doing all those things that I hadn’t done so far or thought it was not appropriate to do all these years. In fact, many people say that I’m like Benjamin Button, who has started ageing backwards,” she laughs.

She quickly explains, “I completely believe in loving oneself but not in a selfish way. Think about it, it’s only when you love yourself that you will be able to love others around you and spread happiness.”

Bipasha is also being associated with the supernatural genre. After all, one did see her start off with a movie like Raaz and then following it up with  supernatural thrillers like Rakht, Darna Zaroori Hai, Raaz 3 and now Aatma.

“That’s completely my doing. I really loved experimenting with the kind of roles I was doing. I am done with just being an accessory in a movie. I want to really experiment and try out something new. For example Aatma is not just a supernatural film. It has intense drama and more to it than horror,” says Bipasha, who plays the role of a mother for the first time in the film.

It was during the shoot of Aatma that Bipasha realised that she had a maternal side to her.

“I remember my mother always looking out for me and telling me that I will understand it when I become a mother. I’m glad that through this movie, I realised the importance and the stress a mother goes through,” she adds.

Bipasha is also trying to become a more ‘involved actress’. She says that it was time for her to break free from being just a nine-to-nine actress.

“I have been in this industry for nearly 12 years now with over 55 films to my credit. It’s time I took control of my life, sit with the team and get into the soul of the film I am part of. Even for Aatma, I was there all the time — from the storyline to scripting, shooting, post-production and promotions.

And I want to keep it that way for all my movies. You end up learning a lot when you are an involved actress,” she says. So does this mean one will see Bipasha behind the camera as well?

“I don’t think I can ever become a director. I may plan to produce a film someday, not direct one. But then again you can never say never,” she
signs off.

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