'Political parties must take clear stand on Endo victims'

'Political parties must take clear stand on Endo victims'

Each victim should be given ` 5 lakh compensation, says samiti

Political parties have neglected Endosulfan victims over the years. The political parties must state the rehabilitation packages for the victims in their election manifestos for the upcoming elections and facilitate permanent solutions or else we shall protest by making the victims sleep before Vidhan Sabha, warned Endo Virodha Horata Samiti (Kokkada) President Shridhar Gowda K.

Addressing a press meet on Thursday, he said many political leaders put up a show by visiting the Endosulfan victims’ homes during elections. However, once they come into power, they totally neglect the victims.

The Kerala government is sympathetic and concerned about the Endosulfan victims, but Karnataka government is turning a blind eye towards this issue which is regretful, he said.

"We have already submitted memorandums to the State Presidents of all political parties. We do not need fake promises. Instead give us permanent solutions," he demanded.

He also informed that several associations such as Akhila Bharatha Vidyarthi Parishat and Jamathe Islami Hind Youth Wing are supporting the victims.

Medical camp drama

The District Health and Family Health Department oraganised a medical camp. However, the doctors tested people using only stethoscopes and declared 1907 people as victims which is a big joke, he said.

The department has not uttered a word with regard to free scanning and potency tests. The department has submitted a report to the Legal Service Authority on providing smart card, ambulance facilities and mobile clinics for the victims. Even after eight months, none of the plans are implemented, he said.

The government had said that 3.5 acre of land and Rs 3 crore has been allotted for Kokkada government hospital. However, the revenue department has not yet allotted the land, he said.

Around 34 Endo victims from Kokkada, Nidle and Patrame are yet to receive monthly pension. The Rs 2 crore money allotted for Endo victims in the previous budget has not yet reached the beneficiaries and should be allotted soon. Two Endo victims day care centers need a good building, he said.


The Samiti said that each victim should be given a compensation amount of Rs 5 lakh and a pension of Rs 5,000 a month. Every taluk should house a rehabilitation centre and a day care centre in every five villages. Free potency test for unmarried and scanning for pregnant women, free bus pass, smart cards, skill and vocational training should be given to the victims. Families of victims who died suffering due to Endosulfan effects should also be allotted compensation, he said.

The day care and rehabilitation centres should be taken care by the government and every month speacialised doctors should visit for check-up.

A committee needs to be formed for communication between victims and government with regard to facilities and packages. Dr Ravindra Shanbaugh, Dr Nithyananda Pai, Sanjeev Kabaka and the Horata Samiti members should be included in the committee, were the main demands.