Rathotsava: Devotees throng Mittemari temple in Bagepalli

Last Updated 28 March 2013, 19:28 IST

The Brahmarathotsava at the historic Mittemari Garudu Narasimhaswamy temple on Thursday included multiple festivities.

A tradition of decades, the event also attracts thousands of devotees who participate with full fervour. The fiery summer holds no bar for their enthusiasm, as they pull the temple chariot chanting the name of the deity. The rites at the temple include ankurarpane, hoovina pallakki, panaka pooje, suprabhata seve and deepalankara. There were also panaka seve and annadaana involving members of various organisations.

Kites and the temple

A centuries-old nature-related convention at Mittemari has been kites flying in the sky, circumambulating the temple. This year too, the incident attracted hundreds of devotees who did not want to miss the entry of the birds. The pulling of the chariot too is begun only once the kites have made their rounds of the temple.

Tahsildar T R Nataraj flagged off the Rathotsava. R Narasimha Bhatta, the Aagama Pandit from Amarapuram led the team of priests who conducted various rites during the Rathotsava.

Deputy tahsildar Muniramaiah, Nadakacheri deputy tahsildar S G Thimmaiah, revenue inspector Thulasirama and others attended the function.

The temple was provided heavy police security during the event.

Cattle fair

A significant part of the Garuda Narasimhaswamy rathotsava is the cattle fair. As part of the tradition, this year too cattle fair was organised during the car festival.

Hundreds of pairs of cattle were brought by the farmers from across the district.
Car festivals and fairs are common during this season across the district and the State. However, this is no sheer coincidence or a mere gathering of people.

Traditionally, by this season of the year, the farmers would have harvested the crop and filled their granaries and don’t have much work till the rainy season. Further, the period is ideal for them to visit the temples to offer their obeisance to gods. Hence, farmers in large numbers take part in the fairs.

The farmers visiting from distant places usually carry Ragi Mudde (ragi balls), Soppina saru (sambhar made from greens), panaka ( juice) and Majjege (butter milk) along with them. After the pooja, they officer panaka to other devotees.


Pandals have been installed at the fair to protect the cattle from searing sunlight. Good breed of cattle are decorated with colourful ribbons.

Though drinking water and medical facility were provided at the fair, the farmers said that arrangements could have been better.

Farmer Venkataramappa said that people had to run around for food as there was no proper facility.

(Published 28 March 2013, 19:28 IST)

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