'Harassed' minors flee Girls' Home

'Harassed' minors flee Girls' Home

Five minor girls, who allegedly fled the Girls’ Home in Madivala on Thursday and landed at the Shivajinagar police station, refused to return to the care centre and threatened to commit suicide if they were sent back there.

Officers at the Shivajinagar police station, however, said the girls had been taken back by the Child Welfare Committee members.

A child rights activist alleged that the girls had complained about harassment at the Girls’ Home and had sought refuge in the police station.

Anupama Hegde, a member of the Child Welfare Committee, dismissed the issue saying: “This is not a serious issue. It is not even of national importance. It’s just some girls running away from a home.”


Asked about the charges of abuse, Hegde said she would be able to say something about it only on Tuesday next. “Tomorrow is a government holiday and the courts won’t be working. We shall inquire into the matter only on Tuesday,” she added.

“If you stay in a government home, you should know how to use the facilities the government offers. These girls don’t know how to do that,” Hegde said.