'I am busy with projects now'

Last Updated 29 March 2013, 15:30 IST

After the success of Addhuri, Dhruva Sarja was pegged as the most promising hero.
When he announced his second film Bahadur, rumours about his female lead did the rounds.

There were talks about a Telugu actress making her entry as well. But the makers of the film were tight-lipped as they wanted a grand entry for the leading lady on the day the movie was launched.

As planned, on the first day of the shoot, a grand chariot was wheeled in and out came the leading lady, Radhika Pandit, dressed as a princess, and surprising everyone

“It was a fun entry. Nobody knew I was the heroine and the director didn’t want me to tell anyone till the first shot. I loved every bit of it and I felt like a real princess,” says Radhika, who is currently shooting for Dilwala.

Incidentally, Radhika was the heroine in Dhruva’s first film as well. And the pair clicked very well with the audience too.

“It’s always nice to work with a familiar face. We have ensured that there is no similarity between the characters we played in Addhuri,” she adds.

In the movie, Radhika essays the role of an innocent girl, who like most people wonders what is better — an arranged marriage or a love marriage. “The movie is inspired by an incident that the director witnessed in Mysore. He has dramatised the incident and I am sure people will like it,” she adds.

Ask the actress if she believes in a love or an arranged marriage and she bursts out laughing.

“Maybe, this movie will answer my question,” she says and adds quickly, “It doesn’t matter how the guy enters my life. As long as he is good to me, we will get along well.”

So is marriage on the cards anytime soon? “I’m busy with my projects right now. Marriage is not in the picture right now,” she sums up.

(Published 29 March 2013, 15:30 IST)

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