In just two years Eswar usurped all of Ingen's assets

Revenue of ` 10 cr from coffee estate was splurged on cars, flats
Last Updated 29 March 2013, 18:57 IST

Realtor Michael Floyd Eswar committed the perfect crime by hatching a plot to usurp the assets estimated worth crores of rupees belonging to taxidermist Joubert Van Ingen. In just two years of his acquaintance with Van Ingen starting from the year 2005, Eswar had forced Van Ingen to execute the will in his favour.

According to the observations made in 14-page detailed report, the Nazarbad police have stated that Eswar brokered the deal of selling the factory land adjacent to Ingen’s bungalow ‘Bisil Manti’, No 44, opposite Nazarbad to Prestige Groups on October 10, 2005.

The following month, on November 14, 2005, Eswar took Ingen to the office of sub-registrar, North for changing khatas of immovable properties of Ingen, to his name.

They are; Khata number 33, Ernagere (Veerangere) village, MCC number 6-N-8, land measuring 63.250 square feet; Khata numbers 85/1, N- 8/1 -13.65 sq ft and 73815 sq ft; site number 2637, Bisil Manti, Kasaba Hobli, Mysore, door number 8-1, N-5; and Khata number on Abba Road, Nazarbad, Mysore.

Gift deed

The gift deed of 279 acre coffee estate at Wayanand, Manandavadi in Kerala was executed on February 01, 2006, while the will was executed on May 29, 2006.

According to the statement ‘made’ by Ingen in his will, after his death all his properties; shares of UK company, animal trophies etc., would go to Michael Eswar Floyd, a resident of No 1/1, Banasavadi Road, Cox Town, Bangalore.

On May 03, 2007, an adoption deed was executed with Ingen adopting Carl Lindley a minor son of Eswar as his son. Eswar became the guardian, according to the document.

Based on the statements given by Marina Ingen’s PA, Ayub Khan driver, Siddappa and Puttaswamy (coolies), the investigation officer in the case Inspector of Nazarbad station G N Mohan has mentioned that ‘Ingen was shunted out of the bungalow by Eswar to the outhouse.


It was the beginning of the trouble for Ingen, as water and power connection to the out house was also disconnected by Eswar. The servants had to cook food in the passage of the house.

Sensing trouble in Ingen’s servants, Eswar bribed them Rs 50 lakh through a cheque from Central Bank of India. While the driver Ayub Khan got highest of Rs 20 lakh, Marina was paid Rs five lakh, others namely, Thayamma got Rs three lakh; Sidda, Puttaswamy and Javaraiah got Rs 50,000 each; Maqbool was paid Rs 20,000, and Nanjaiah got Rs 15,000.

Eswar had a windfall especially after getting a revenue of Rs 10 crore from Coffee Estate, which he splurged on buying imported cars, renovating the bungalow and purchasing two flats in Mysore and one in Bangalore.

Ingen had written to the bank four times (On December 7, 2007, November 11, 2009, February 28, 2011 and August 22, 2011) asking the authorities not to honour the cheques issued by him.

A day before his death on March 11, Ingen lodged a complaint with Nazarbad police alleging that Eswar had cheated him of properties without his knowledge. Ingen died on March 12 at the age of 102.

(Published 29 March 2013, 18:56 IST)

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