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Dark diversions — a traveller’s tale
John Ralston Saul
Penguin, 2013, pp 319, 299
In this book, acclaimed author John Ralston Saul stages a black comedy of international proportions that takes the reader from New York to Paris to Morocco to Haiti in the 1980s and 1990s. Through his exploits we experience a world of secret lovers, exiled princesses, death by veganism and religious heresies.

Best kept secret
Jeffrey Archer
Macmillan, 2013, pp 381, 350
In 1945, a vote as to who should inherit the Barrington family fortune has ended in a tie between Harry Clifton and Giles Barrington. Harry returns to America and his wife Emma is in search of a little girl. Giles Barrington has to defend his seat in the general election and Harry and Emma’s son, Sebastian Clifton, ultimately influences his uncle’s fate.

One last time
Shubham Arora
Paperclip books, 2013, pp 207, 100
She is in the US and has called to inform him of her marriage. She wants to meet him. He had moved on, or at least that’s what he thought until the phone call from her which changes everything. He books a flight from New York to Carolina to find some closure. Will he realise her importance in his life? Will she ever find out who she is actually meant for?

Revenge of the naked princess
Oswald Pereira
Jufic books, 2013, pp 219, 125
A conversion brigade of the Portuguese king and the Pope set out to spread Christ’s message of love and compassion, but they leave behind a trail of murder and mayhem. The brigade raids Princess Darshana Kamya Kathodi’s palace in Tana and she fights back. This book shows how brutal, forced conversions can blur the line between religion and carnage.

Kingfishers catch fire
Rumer Godden
Hachette, 2013, pp 302, 350
Sophie, an English ingénue with two children, arrives in Himalayan Kashmir to set up home. Settling down to live peacefully with her new neighbours, she is unaware of the turmoil her arrival provokes. Sophie’s cook makes a drastic bid to secure his position, and the unwanted consequences are catastrophic.

Black Narcissus
Rumer Godden
Hachette, 2013, pp 258, 350
The old mountain top palace was built for the general’s harem. But now it is abandoned. The general’s son transforms it to the Convent of St. Faith. The nuns work fervently to establish their school and hospital, but the isolation and emptiness of the mountain causes long repressed passions to emerge.

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