Advani hints at mid-term elections

Advani hints at mid-term elections

Senior BJP leader L K Advani  said on Saturday that his party has not ruled out a mid-term poll.

Advani, who is on a visit to his constituency at Gandhinagar, also said that there was no competition for the post of PM in the saffron party  despite talks that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi would be inducted into the parliamentary board of the party soon.

“I will say that there is a possibility but I am certain not much time is left now. There is only one factor which may influence the government and that is the five impending election along with Karnataka there are six but Karnataka will take place now on May 5,” he said.

He said  in the remaining five elections of MP, Rajasthan,Delhi, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand. The Congress does not have much hope and it may think of holding general elections either along with them or before them. 

He said the Congress is knee-deep in corruption. As such it will have to face the voters on two front — corruption and inflation.