Vijender took drugs 12 times, say Punjab police

Cops have proof to justify charge; Ram Singh had drugs 5 times
Last Updated 01 April 2013, 04:05 IST

 The Punjab police on Sunday, for the first time,  confirmed that Olympic medallist boxer Vijender Singh consumed drugs at least 12 times along with his sparring partner Ram Singh, who had it five times.

Vijender has so far been denying this allegation but the police said they have evidence to justify their charge that the boxer took drugs for the personal consumption from main accused in a drug haul case, Anno Singh Kahlon. The police said during investigation it had been “established that boxers Ram Singh and Vijender Singh took heroin from Anoop Singh Kahlon and Rocky for personal consumption between December 2012 and February 2013.”

Vijender took drugs 12 times, say Punjab police

Heroin was first procured by Ram Singh alone in December 2012. Subsequently both boxers went together to Zirakpur in Punjab for procuring heroin for consumption once in January and twice in February. As per the investigation, Vijender Singh consumed the drug about 12 times and Ram Singh about five times.

The police, however, have made it clear that the two boxers did not actively connive with the smugglers in their activities and nothing was seized from them. The police said both boxers were, therefore, not being arrested in the case at this stage. Ram Singh has been dismissed from the police department since it was established that he frequented the smugglers to procure heroin.

Vijender Singh had refused to give his blood and hair samples to the police. Hair testing facilities are not available in local forensic science laboratories (FSLs), the police said.

 “The local FSL unit has been moved to provide information as to which lab in the country can conduct the test appropriately, the validity and certainty of such a test and the duration within which the drug can be detected in a hair sample,” the police said.

The boxer’s name cropped up in the entire drug episode following the disclosure made by Kahlon after drugs worth Rs 130 crore were seized from the alleged kingpin’s house in Zirakpur. Vijender’s car, registered in his wife’s name, had been found outside the house.

The police said they have seized 10 kg of “high priced” narcotics dubbed “ice” (methamphetamine) and 230 kg of raw material (pseudophedrine).

The manufactured “ice” and the raw material were being exported to the UK, Canada and Holland by narcotic smugglers through one Kulwant Singh, a UK national, who was earlier arrested in the case in New Delhi on March 19.

According to Kahlon and Kulwant Singh, the international retail price of “ice” is about Rs 5 crore per kg and of raw material about Rs 1 crore per kg.

The police said the drugs, including heroin and “ice,” were being sent by this group of smugglers to the UK, Canada and Holland.

 Consignments were being sent both through air cargo from Delhi and by ship from Mumbai, which was organised by Kulwant Singh and Paramjit Singh (both arrested).

In the UK, the consignments were being received by Latif of Pakistan origin. Latif is settled in the UK.  Five Chinese associates had visited Chandigarh for quality check of “ice” and pseudophedrine in 2010, the identities of whom have been established.
Till date, 15 people, including two Canadian and one UK citizen have been arrested.

(Published 31 March 2013, 18:11 IST)

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