'Taj Mahal' of Illinois up for sale

'Taj Mahal' of Illinois up for sale

The "Villa Taj" in Burr Ridge in the US state of Illinois, which has been dubbed by its owner as his Taj Mahal, is about to be auctioned off with a starting bid of USD 6.265 million on November 4, The Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The 30,000 square-foot property featuring distinctive Indian, Spanish, Egyptian and Moroccan styles is also being marketed to potential buyers in India, Europe and Middle East.

It took five years and an estimated USD 18 million to build the structure, which is located at the busy intersection of County Line and Plainfield roads in Burr Ridge.
According to the real estate broker and auctioneer Mike Berland, the home briefly was listed on the market for USD 25 million but got no takers.

Berland said the home owners -- dentist Husam Aldairi and his wife Rawaa Atta-Aldairi -- decided to sell the property as the woman thought she could not stand the Chicago winters anymore and the couple moved to Florida.

As far as special features of the property are concerned, it includes 15,000 sq ft of exterior terraces, 160 tonnes of Jerusalem limestone, a 20-car garage and nine fireplaces. It has six master bedroom suites, one clocking in at 2,400 square feet, and marble stairs leading to a mammoth Jacuzzi tub.

"It's not going to appeal to everybody, but for a person who likes this kind of thing, they're just going to be wowed by it," Berland said