Over 7,000 acres acquired in 'excess' for BMIC project

States government in a reply filed in Supreme Court

  In its additional reply filed before the Supreme Court on February 7, in a case pertaining to the Bangalore Mysore Infrastructure Corridor (BMIC) project, the State Government has said that it has acquired ‘excess’ land to the tune of 7,709 acres towards the controversial project being executed by the Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE).  

The documents relating to the additional reply filed by the Government was released to the media here on Tuesday by the BMIC (NICE) Viruddha Janandolana.

In the additional reply, as per annexure 5, the State Government has said: “The State Government is supposed to have acquired 13,237 acres of private land including 5,500 acres for the toll road and 7,737 acres for five townships according to Schedule -I of the Framework Agreement.

However, the State government has issued notifications for an extent of 20,946 acres of private land under Section 28 (1) of the KIADB Act from time to time, thereby 7,709 acres are notified in excess.”

The reply also states that of the 7,709 acres, about 2,728 acres have been denotified on March 25, 2004. There has been largescale ‘demand’ from various organisations and landowners for denotification of the remaining 4,981 acres which are not required for the project and “they have been protesting, stating that the project company is seeking excess land particularly close to Bangalore and the same are being handed over by the Government to help the project financially.”

The State has said that it will abide by the directions of the Supreme Court, as to the excess land which has been determined already.

The Janandolana has asked the State Government to denotify the rest of the 4,981 acres and scrap the project immediately. “What is the purpose in waiting for the Supreme Court directive when the State Government has already identified the extent of land that is in excess?

The State can take action immediately and even scrap the project on its own,” said activist Vinay Sreenivasa.

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