Obliterating the enemy

Future Weapons is an exciting new series that takes viewers into the macabre and secret world of weapons development. Ex-Navy Seal Richard Machowiz popularly known as Mack, takes viewers around the globe as he tracks down the most lethal and the most sinister weapons yet devised.
The series explores the science and technology that goes into making the latest weapons — and introduces bizarre characters who spend their lives inventing new ways to obliterate the enemy. Mack gets “hands on” with the weapons and tried them out for himself —firing anything from smart missiles to futuristic lasers. Future Weapons airs at 10 pm on October 26 on Discovery Channel.

Tale of many special women

Ladies Special airs on October 26 at 9.30 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. Pooja accepts Vinny’s offer to go for a coffee. He even insists on dropping her back to office, but she turns down the offer. Vinny slowly starts falling in love with her.
Shubha meets Mridula in the train once again and gets further acquainted with the girl; she is impressed with her sensitivity. Mridula invites Shubha in the post Diwali party she is throwing for some kids in an orphanage.
Geeti and Trisha, who are now friends, work together on a project at Trisha’s house. Trisha gets emotional about her parents and confesses to Geeti how she misunderstood Shubha in the beginning, but now she completely dotes on her. Shubha hears this and immediately lightens the situation between the two friends.
Vinny calls Shubha to inform about his loan getting sanctioned.
Pooja is busy working on her desk when Karan comes and breaks her thoughts. He pleads to her to come back, but she refuses. Karan creates ruckus in her office and her boss witnesses this. Pooja is distressed.

Deadly conspiracy

HBO presents The Last Boy Scout on October 26 starring Bruce Willis, Damon Wayans, Halle Berry and Danielle Harris at 9 pm. Fired from the Secret Service, Joe Hallenbeck turns private eye. He is hired to protect a stripper named Cory, who is on the run from a mob.
But Cory is killed and her boyfriend, ex-pro football quarterback, Jimmy Dix, wants revenge. He teams up with Hallenbeck to find out who killed her and discovers a deadly conspiracy to legalise gambling in pro-football.

A stay to remember

Through Inntimate Escapes on Discovery Travel and Living, vicariously travel the world to explore the finest luxury inns and small hotels throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America. In each episode, the series host, Jennifer Convy, discovers a new retreat  — always intimate, charming and unique — and shares the experience with the viewers.
During each luxurious stay, viewers will indulge in every amenity of the getaway, the comfort, charm, romance, sophisticated luxury and exceptional cuisine that make for memorable experiences. Watch Inntimate Escapes on October 26 at 7.30 pm.