She is her father's daughter

She is her father's daughter

Actress Ananya Kasaravalli likes to spend her free time in her house, which is an informal university of celluloid art. Her father Girish Kasaravalli is a globally-acclaimed director and her mother Vaishali is a highly creative person. Naturally, Ananya likes to make the best use of the environment around her.

“I like to be in the house with my mother, who is very energetic and inspiring. She keeps me engaged in various activities like beautifying our garden and trying out new items in kitchen,” she says.
Ananya is a hard-core film lover and likes to watch good movies in theatre with her friends. “I am a frequent film-goer. Doesn’t matter whether the films are good or bad, I simply watch them. In quite a few bad films, I have noticed some excellent crafting,” she says.

Thanks to her father, Ananya gets exposed to masterpieces in world cinema. “I feel immensely happy when my father gets me to watch world films. I never miss any opportunity to discuss films with my father, who also has a profound knowledge in cinematography. Such discussion helps me develop a new perspective about film-making,” she adds.

Apart from the movies, Ananya reads lots of serious literary works and fiction too. She always keeps a good journal or novel with her. “Being a literature student, I always look up for a good piece of writing. I do not strictly adhere to any particular author. I read all kinds of material, from novels to travelogues,” she says.

As of now, Ananya is tied up in various projects. But she finds time for recreational activities. To refresh herself in between busy schedules, she goes with her friends to new restaurants, shopping centres and for long journeys.