'I have no agenda in life'

'I have no agenda in life'

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Ranbir Kapoor recently called her “a gifted and talented actress”. A comment which many agreed with. In reality, Konkona Sen Sharma who is fondly called Koko says that she had no intentions of becoming an actor. However, she says that she has always lived for the moment and always will.

 That’s why she totally related to the character Sid in the movie Wake Up Sid. “I  feel very empathetic with Sid because I remember at that age I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I was going with my acting career. But luckily for me, things worked out decently,” says Konkona.
 Soon after the release of Wake Up Sid, she says that she was flooded with calls. “I generally try not to have any expectations before the release. So I am happy with whatever people say. The immediate response has been good and people have liked my work,” she adds.

Known as a ‘serious actress’, one wondered whether her recent commercial films have been an attempt to change this image.

“I have no agenda in life, so there no stereotypical roles I want to do or break away from. It’s just that of late, a lot of big production houses have been doing commercial movies which are slightly different and since many feel that I suit unconventional roles they approach me,” she explains.   
The role of Aisha, played by Konkona, fell into this frame, where she plays an older woman. “Aisha is older than Sid, but not that much older like Dimple was compared to Akshaye Khanna in Dil Chahta Hai. What I liked about Aisha is that she is not a generic ‘Hindi film heroine’, but a definite character within a specific context. She and I have certain similarities. Aisha is a Bengali girl from Kolkata. She is also a writer, independent, responsible, earnest, hard working and good. Most of which, I have to admit, I’m not! But despite her obvious maturity, she is as confused as the rest of us when it comes to matters of the heart,” she says.  

Speaking of romance, Konkona and her fiance Ranveer have been engaged for a while now, but as for immediate wedding plans she is quick to respond, “Maybe in a year or two we will be getting married but not right now.”

 Keeping her career as her priority, Konkona revealed that she had once tried her hand at direction. “It was a small 15-minute Bengali movie called Namkaron, which I made two years ago. Though I had a lot of fun shooting and directing it, I realised was that I was yet not ready to be a full-fledged director,” she explains. 

As for future plans, Konkona is all set to work with her mother Aparna Sen again who will also be acting in the movie. “I am really excited about this film as there is always a certain comfort level working and acting with my mother,” she signs off.