Switching genres with ease

Switching genres with ease

Switching genres with ease

New-Delhi based rockers ‘Indigo Children’ recently performed at Hard Rock Cafe. Despite the originally four-member band being short of their guitarist R N Jaidev, they gave an energetic performance for those who attended.

Because of the line-up change, many of the band’s original compositions were forgone and their set comprised primarily of covers. They started with Mars Volta’s ‘Broken English’ and ‘Warning’ by ‘Black Sabbath’, making a few alterations here and there to create their own equally good renditions. This was followed by Sade’s ‘No Ordinary Love’ and a medley that had songs like ‘End of the Night’ and ‘Summer’s Almost Gone’ by ‘The Doors’ and ‘Renaissance Fair’ by ‘The Byrds’.

An impressive point was how effortlessly the bands switched genres — going from psychedelic rock to some old school hip-hop, where the vocalist Sanchal mixed his own lyrics with those of Dr Dre.

   Possibly, the most appreciated song was their last one — a mash-up of ‘Within You Without You’ and ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ by ‘The Beatles’, which had a surprising dose of psychedelia mixed to it.

“It was a nice gig and as a guitarist myself, I really enjoyed the improvisations on the guitar riffs. But the audience could have been more supportive. There were some head-bangers who were having a good time.

But most of the crowd seemed more interested in the IPL match being screened,” says Mihir Zatakia, an audience member. And he makes a valid point. With the IPL being screened in public spaces that are used for performances, the next two months will probably see bands going back disappointed with the response.

But the band, which had Nikhil Rufus Raj on bass, Sahil Mendiratta on drums and Sanchal Malhar on vocals and guitar, say they had a good time. “I actually liked the gig a lot. Usually, we’re a four-piece and I play chords and sing. But today, I got to really bring out the guitar how I wanted. Bangalore’s anyway a mellow audience for us — this was the best turnout I’ve seen here in a while,” says Sanchal after the show.

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