Life becomes miserable for Mohan's wives

Life becomes miserable for Mohan's wives

Killer effect

 Mohan Kumar’s house at Kanyana in Vittal, about 55 kms from Mangalore, in Dakshina Kannada district. (Inset) Mohan’s mother Chithru. DH photo

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Manjula said that the arrest of her husband and the subsequent media coverage has made her life miserable.

Nowhere to go

“We have been staying in the rented house for the last two years. But after my husband’s arrest, we have been asked to vacate the house... Where can we go at this moment? Why should we suffer for my husband’s misdeeds, if at all he has committed any crime?” she pleads and adds: “I am fed up answering queries of neighbours, relatives and friends.”

She is also worried over the future of her kids’ education. “How can my little sons bear the brunt, if they are teased by their friends or classmates?” she weeps and hopes that the school will not take any harsh steps against her sons who are studying in 7th and 4th standard. The situation at Mohan Kumar’s second wife Sri Devi’s house, at Deralakatte too, is  no different. “We are unable to go out of home or face anybody. Everybody looks at us suspiciously,” the family members rued. “It is alleged that my son-in-law stole jewellery to run our family. If that was the case, why are we leading a miserable life? We don’t even have a good chair or a table in our house,” Sri Devi’s mother Nagalakshmi shows her unplastered house to this correspondent which supports her claim. In fact, the dresses worn by the family members and Mohan’s daughter (3 years) and son (10 months) tell the truth. Interestingly, both the wives - Sri Devi and Manjula - have been trying to approach the lawyers in Mangalore, but their fees has deterred them.

‘Shani dese’

Meanwhile, Mohan’s mother Chithru (60), believes that the main reason for all the happenings is ‘Shani dese’ (bad time). “A famous temple priest told me that my son is undergoing ‘Shani dese’ and it will be alright after four years, if I perform ‘Mruthyunjaya homa’ which costs around Rs 40,000,” she told Deccan Herald.

“Will my son be freed if I perform the Mruthyunjaya homa?” she wanted to know from this correspondent.