'I wonder why models don't smile on ramp'

'I wonder why models don't smile on ramp'

"I have always wondered why models always walk the ramp with a straight face. Why don't they ever smile? Even during my modelling days, I used to wonder about it," Neha said after the show.

"But then I guess, if beautiful models will start smiling, they will completely take the show away from the designer's clothes," she added.
Dressed in a black ruffled dress teamed up with a bust jacket-like top with metallic gold embellishments on it, Neha delivered a perfect catwalk sans any extra drama on the stage.

"I was very impressed with Kavita's collection and I was eyeing this gold jacket when I came in. I didn't know it was for me. I was really glad that she had planned that I will wear it," said Neha.

The actress, who is awaiting the release of her film "De Dana Dan", was not even a wee bit nervous before walking the ramp. "I was excited," she said.
Talking about her movie, she said: "'De Dana Dan' is an out and out comedy. It has a lot of people in it. The phrase - 'The more the merrier' perfectly suits it. But I hope people enjoy the film."

Neha, who has been chosen by Hollywood actress-singer Jessica Simpson to be the Indian Beauty ambassador for her TV show "Price Of Beauty", has five films in the pipeline to be released within six months.
It includes "Raat Gayi Baat Gayi", "Pappu Can't Dance Saala", "Raftaar 24X7". She will also feature in Vipul Shah's "Action Replay" along with Aishwarya Rai and Akshay Kumar.

" 'Action Replay' is expected to release next summer," she said.