Amar Singh demands Mayawati's resignation

Amar Singh

"I demand from Mayawati that either she should resign or take action against the officers responsible for lodging a fake FIR against me at Babupurwa police station in Kanpur district," he told reporters here.
Referring to allegation against him that he had siphoned off funds through merger of companies, Singh said the merger questioned in the FIR was approved by the Company Law Board, Income Tax Department and the Kolkata High Court.
"Mayawati is corporate illiterate," he alleged.
The SP leader said he was only a shareholder in the companies named in the FIR and had nothing to do with their management as of now.
"I have no hitch in admitting that before entering politics, I was a businessman and it was my profession. After entering the politics, I tendered my resignation as director from the board of all companies as it was almost impossible to manage the affairs due to full time political involvements," he said.
Singh, who met Governor B L Joshi, said he had demanded that an inquiry should be ordered into the conspiracy being hatched to defame and malign him.
The SP leader said though the state government had said it had nothing to do with the case, its officers and ministers were in direct contact with the complainant Shivakant Tripathi much before the FIR was lodged.

Singh claimed that the "call details of Tripathi's mobile phone reveal that he had long conversation with Minister Babu Singh Kushwaha, senior bureaucrat in CM secretariat Navneet Sehgal, BSP leader Akhilesh Das and SHO of Babupurwa police station Dinesh Tripathi.
"The Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh had said the state government had nothing to do with the case and an inquiry has been ordered as to how the FIR was lodged. If it was so, then why the officer contacted Tripathi 25 times. Calls were made even from the CM's official residence," he alleged.
Raising questions over the credentials of the complainant Tripathi and the SHO, Singh said he had 30 criminal cases against him and the inspector too had a shady record.
"The SHO was involved in a land grabbing case and statue theft. The complainant on the other hand mentioned a retired judge's address as that of his own," he claimed.
He said even the Kolkata police, to whom the FIR was transferred, had refused to investigate the case after consulting Advocate General and had termed it as illegal.
"How many times do I have to clarify this. Is even the Kolkata police lying," he questioned.
Singh said his association with these companies was only that of a shareholder.
"I am shareholder in many companies including those owned by Mukesh Ambani, Narayanmurthy, NTPC and ONGC, why doesn't the state government get FIRs registered against all of them," he asked.

"No irregularity was committed in the merger or amalgamation of the companies," Singh said.
The SP leader said he would reply to the Chief Minister Mayawati and her leaders in the same vain.
"I am also collecting evidence against the BSP leader Akhilesh Das for irregularities committed by him during his stint as Lucknow mayor and will expose him," he said.
Regarding allegations that he misutilised funds as the chairman of UP Development Council (UPDC), Singh said these were baseless.
"UPDC had top corporate bosses including Anil Ambani, Kumarmangalam Birla and Adi Godrej as its members and its total budget was rupees two crore, which lapsed every year," he said.
Singh said it was not for the first time that false cases were lodged against him, SP supremo Mulayam Singh and superstar Amitabh Bachchan out of sheer political vendetta.
"Earlier Mayawati got 170 FIRs lodged against Mulayam Singh Yadav and tried to implicate me in a false plot allotment case in Gomti Nagar," he alleged.
He also screened a CD showing footage of Mayawati's speeches against him and the SP supremo while accusing the government of gunning for them.

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