'Left's anti-Bush stand made US see red'

'Left's anti-Bush stand made US see red'

One of the Wikileaks cables reveals how outraged was the US administration on Left protests being planned against the visit of President Bush to India in March 2006. It also shows the worry of disruptions on the part of the US.

The cable sent on January 13, 2006, to the US state office bears the title “Left’s bark worse than its bite as its nostrils flare over ‘potus’ (President Of The United States of America)  visit”, displaying a despise almost similar to that of a cold war era. It shows how angry the US was on the political behaviour of the Left.  “The Left is motivated to attack the President and his visit to rally the cadre for the May 2006 state elections in Kerala and West Bengal but more importantly, to create leverage in seeking to limit the UPA's agenda for economic reform and closer relations with the US,” said the message.  

“In its threat to disrupt the visit, the Left parties are effectively asking how much ties with America, and the Presidential visit, specifically  mean to the UPA. As such, this is typical communist  blackmail tactics,” message says.

However, it dismisses the effect by saying, “Through a combination of overwhelming police presence, quiet back-channel pressure and discreet political concessions during the state elections, the UPA will work through its uneasy coalition with the communists to ensure minimal or no disruptions for the President's visit.”

The message also  contains the letter that was sent to Buddhadeb to admonish the protest and almost threaten a withdrwal of US developmental aid to West Bengal. The Bengal CM had complained about it to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

“The threat of disruptions to the important Presidential visit serves as a form of extortion for the Left in extracting further concessions from the UPA, and comes as yet another classic piece of Indian political theatre,”  cable went on to say.

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