Gooseberry remedies

Gooseberry remedies


Gooseberry is one such fruit that scores on overall health maintenance, writes Rama Gokul

Gooseberry/amla (Kannada- Nellikai) is a great nourisher, with cooling, healing, and curative properties.

It is a rich source of vitamin-C and gallic acid. It helps to stimulate pancreas, to produce insulin, which is good for diabetics.

Being rich in vitamic-C, it also helps boost iron absorption. Its use rids the body of toxins, and also lowers the bad cholesterol level.

Also acts as an anti-oxidant & slows down the ageing process. Helps to build good resistance & balances the stomach acids. Recent research has indicated its action in counteracting the harmful effects of anti-cancer drugs.

The berries retain their maximum vitamin-C content in dry form and hence can be effectively used throughout the year, on a daily basis, to get its benefits.

Here are a few simple and useful home remedies to try:

-A tablespoon of amla powder with a tablespoon of honey, taken in morning works as a great rejuvenator.

- A tablespoon of amla juice with a cup of bittergourd juice, taken daily helps to produce insulin and bring down the high blood sugar level in diabetics.

- A teaspoon of amla powder in a glass of buttermilk, helps to relieve burning sensation in rectum, palms, and soles.

-For a healthy hair tonic, mix amla powder with mango seed powder in equal quantities and make a paste and apply on scalp and then wash.

-A teaspoon of amla juice in a cup of coconut milk, taken twice a day, helps to expel hookworms & tapeworms

- For a home made rejuvenating hair oil, boil a few pieces of dry amla pieces, along with a few curry leaves; strain & use.

-As a rich source of Vitamin C and iron, is highly beneficial in case of scurvy (vitamin C deficiency).

-A daily dose of 2 tsp of jaggery powder with 1 teaspoon of amla powder for a month, arrests hair loss and prevents premature greying too.

- Enjoy a cool thirst buster in summer, by drinking a glass of buttermilk mixed with amla powder or juice.

- Amla cubes soaked in salted buttermilk & dried in sun, makes for a mouth freshener as well as a digestive munch.

-To check diarrhea, a drink made with amla juice, lime juice, and sugar candy, is a good remedy.

-Daily amla consumption in the form of muarbbas, pickles, drinks, etc, in variation, helps to maintain  a healthy body.

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