Letting their hair down

Letting their hair down

October Fest

Letting their hair down

The first day witnessed a slow start with various mini-festivals in various corners. The fest saw artistes giving last minute touches to their masterpieces, the ‘Fiat Club’ parking their vintage models in a row, and varied handicrafts being displayed. But it was only after the sun began to set, did one see any sort of ‘life’.

While waiting for bands like Avial, Swarathma, Inner Sanctum, the crowd indulged in games like thread trap, beer pong and the ever popular ‘paintball’. Bringing in the colour to the festival was the multi-coloured fancy hair wigs, glittering hats in blue, red, maroon, gold and silver. There were also horns, which seemed fun to play with, for most youngsters. One could see them jumping around with joy wearing these hats, hair wigs, blowing the horns and chasing their friends. The spirit continued over the next two days as well.

The final day saw a blend of youngsters and older people. Majority of the popular bands were kept aside for this day. With over eight bands performing, the place was packed. Most of them listened to the bands for sometime after which they moved on to other mini-fests.

Beer, being the main element of the festival, one could definitely not miss the beer cans or cups in every third person’s hand. Some of the bands which performed at the fest were Collin Charles, who kick-started the evening. Followed by Evergreen, Rainbow Bridge, Motherjane, Amit Heri and Thermal and a Quarter. Indian Ocean brought the curtains down.

Most of the bands played jazz, Motherjane played songs from their album Insane Biography and Maktub. Thermal and a Quarter entertained the audience with some songs from their albums Plan B, This is it and Jupiter Cafe.

Most of them waited desperately for Indian Ocean to perform.The band’s Indo-rock fusion with jazz rhythms merged with mythology, Sufism, revolution, environmentalism and shlokas, which left the crowd asking for more. A lot of head-banging and dancing could be seen.

Raveena, an onlooker, said, “I’ve been waiting for Indian Ocean to perform, they are simply good. My friends and I had a lot of fun out here, the other bands also performed well and it was simply great.”
There were fireworks too. DJ Jalebi Cartel kept the crowd on their feet for the rest of the night after Indian Ocean’s performance.