Seeking a cure

On World Diabetic Day, Discovery Channel’s special show Diabetes : A Global Epidemic will
examine the disease and what is being done to confront it across the world. From India to South Africa, Brazil to Australia, the show will seek to understand how different cultures and economies are being affected by this surging problem.
The team of scientists on the show will examine how the various barriers to treatment, importance of education and how individuals and institutions are involved in efforts of education and treatment in the hopes of stemming the tide.
Watch the show on October 28 at 8 pm.

Luxurious yet eco-friendly

Discovery Travel and Living’s innovative series World’s Greenest Homes is bent upon proving how eco-living and luxury can exist in the same roof.
     Host Emmanuel Belliveau takes viewers to the world’s most stunning eco-friendly dwellings on the planet.
Just outside Aspen, Colorado, where the rich and famous come to play is a seven thousand square foot home with a small carbon footprint. It’s owners have designed the home to exist practically off the grid, obtaining 80 per cent of their energy from solar panels.
   Though, as Emmanuel points out, snow-covered panels are quite as effective. Watch on this week, to find out and learn the new ways of saving the planet.
    The programme airs at 8.30 pm on October 28.

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