Away from the hustle-bustle

Away from the hustle-bustle

PES College, situated in Hanumanth Nagar, is calm and away from the City. The huge compound wall around the college prevents it from being exposed to the noise outside.

“It is really nice to be in the campus. We, the students, are very cool and polite. We share a close relationship with our teachers.The college has been imparting education to prepare us for the future. Students pursuing degree courses here are also enjoying the benefits of campus recruitment,” says Charan, who is an electronics diploma student.

An ex-student of the college, Narendra, was seen standing outside the entrance of the college. He was refused entry inside the campus by the security guards because he was wearing a t-shirt, which is not allowed in the college. He says, “From the last two years, the dress code has become stricter. Students are not allowed to wear t-shirts,” he adds.

He said he came to collect his marks card but was not allowed inside as he was not in formals. Madhubanti Mallick from Kolkata finds it easy to mingle with other students.
“I have never been treated as an outsider by the local students. All students are very friendly.They are helpful in every endeavour,” she says.

Niranjana, a final-year student, supports her saying, “Many outsiders do come to our institution because of the name ‘Pesit’. But we never discriminate, instead, we live like a family. Our institution is a global village,” she adds.

“We celebrate many cultural fests in the college. As we have students from across the country, we are able to watch different kinds of art forms. We enjoy the variety and also get a chance to learn from them. It is lot of fun,” says Niranjana.
Rakesh says, “an individual’s identity is not lost in the diversity here. Every culture and tradition gets due respect.”

As told to Sudha Hegde