Book Rack

Book Rack

The making of the madras working class

D Veeraraghavan
Leftword, 2013, pp 287, 750
The Madras Labour Union, founded in April 1918, is the first organised labour union in India. May Day was first celebrated in India in Napier’s Park, in the then Madras, in 1923. Covering the period 1918–1939, this book is based on an exhaustive study of the voluminous documents in the colonial archive lodged in the Tamil Nadu Archives, Chennai, supplemented by research in the National Archives of India.

Alternatives to privatization

Edited by David A McDonald & Greg Ruiters
Leftword, 2012, pp 504, 750
Critics of privatization are often told they present no alternatives. This book takes up that challenge, proposing conceptual models for what constitutes an ‘alternative to privatization’ and analyses what makes them successful (or not), backed by empirical data on creative public service initiatives in over 40 countries in the Global South.

Lunch with the ft

Edited by Lionel Barber
Penguin, 2013, pp 324, 799
From film stars to politicians, tycoons to writers, dissidents to lifestyle gurus, this book is a selection of interviews conducted in the proximity of a restaurant table. The list of people who have had lunch with the FT since 1994 reads like an international Who’s Who of our times. Meet the rich and famous, the brave and the virtuous, brought to you by the Financial Times’s global network of columnists and correspondents.

Gender justice & women empowerment

Sarbjeet Singh & Pankaj Dodh
Regal, 2013, pp 369, 1,480
This book is an integrated approach and a compilation of well-researched papers which discuss the various facets of gender justice, gender equality and women empowerment by covering diverse aspects such as historical, constitutional, social, economic, political as well as psychological.

Dispatches from pakistan

Edited by Madiha R Tahir, Qalandar Bux Memon & Vijay Prashad
Leftword, 2013, pp 324, 450
Writing about Pakistan is cliche-ridden. Fear is a dominant motif in such writings. Contrary to general assumption, Pakistanis are alive. Sold by governments who should save them, killed by secret agencies who should guard them, bombed by American drones. This book is a collection of 16 essays on such issues.

Child abuse and exploitation

Sudip Chakraborty
Regal, 2013, pp 220, 950
The articulation of Human Rights for all children on this planet is the supreme accomplishment of the international community. The book reveals the nature, extent, severity of adversities and denial of rights of numerous children in India. It brings to light inadequacies of provisions and governmental neglect in all spheres of children’s lives in the country.

The new mole

Emir Sader
Leftword, 2012, pp 158, 250
This book is a major analysis of recent developments in Latin American politics by renowned writer Emir Sader. He explains the resurgence of radicalism and explores its theoretical underpinning. The book combines succinct judgments with broad chronological and geographical sweep — covering a period running from the early 20th century to the present.

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