Remembering ' I am'

Remembering ' I am'

The reason is, most of us live a high technological life-style. We are not working in the garden or the fields, or the farm.

We are not cutting trees or drawing water from the well or even grinding or pounding grains for our daily use. We can't walk few miles to visit our friends, we look for a vehicle. Our predecessors were moving  their bodies in a natural way.

As a result, when they sat in meditation they could glide smoothly in the inner recess of the mind.

In the sedentary lifestyle of today  it is necessary to move the body in order to  release  the suppressed energy,  let go of tensions in various parts of the body, and then come to a position of no movement within the body: silently watching and waiting for meditation to grow.

Turning our attention within becomes easier if first we express the excessive energy that would otherwise move in the mind is expressed.

Once the body has been discharged of its excessive tensions we can really sit or stand, feeling electrically grounded. The best thing would be to weave meditation into our daily chores.

What we need today is remembering ourselves, not to get lost in the noise of the world.
The following simple Sufi method is an effective tool that can help you remember yourself and create an integrated centre inside.

The method is simple: remember "I am" in all activities. While drinking water, or eating your food -- remember, "I am." Go on eating and go on remembering, "I am, I am."  You may think that you already know who you are, but  what you know about yourself : your name, address, education,family, personality is not 'you.' Had it been so, you would not be miserable in life. The real 'I' is something different. and you have lost touch with it.
When walking remember, "I am." Let the walking be there, go on walking, but be constantly fixed in this self-remembering . Let this "I am" be a constant factor of awareness.

You don't have to repeat the words "I am," rather, have the feeling. Taking shower, feel "I am." Let there be the touch of the cold shower, and let yourself be there behind, feeling yourself strongly. While watching television be aware " I am watching," and see the effect. You will not get carried away by the idiot box.

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