Today's Letter

Today's Letter

Who can afford to donate and Whose money who is donating ?


Sir,  This Refers to "Retired govt employees pledge Rs 80 crore" for the flood relief fund (DH Oct 21).It is good to see people from all walks of life came together and support the cause, this time it is the Association of Retired State Government Employees .

The question is not only who can afford to donate and who will eventually donate ? but also who is donating whose money ?

We are talking about senior citizens who do not have salary coming in and have health conditions to take care of.

I have story to tell, the day after the Association pledged Rs 80 crore, I overheard my father’s friend, who is also retired, saying he had taken debt of about Rs 2000 to get a regular medical check-up done and hoping that the arrears of 4 months which was due would help him repay his debt. Unfortunately that was not to be the case. Worse still, he was not aware of it and he learnt of it after reading the newspapers that it was donated to relief fund.





Better for Gowda to co-operate

This is with reference to the utterances of Deve Gowda criticising CM Yediyurappa's visit to Delhi to get additional package to flood-hit north Karnataka region. People have not forgotten that most of the time he camped in Bangalore while he was PM of the nation, whether it was drought or floods in other parts of the country which gave him the label of  PM of Karnataka.


JD(S) instead of cooperating with CM for bringing packages to needy is negative and  politicising aid. He should be advised  to adopt maunavratha (not speaking) for some time.





Assembly poll results

The drubbing received by the BJP in the Maharashtra, Arunachala Pradesh and Haryana assembly polls would surely disturb the sleep of the leadership. Rajnath Singh, who was baying for the blood of Vasundhara Raje to step down as the leader of the Opposition party in Rajasthan has finally succeeded in his endeavour. But the question is when will Rajnath Singh step down as the President of the party since his party’s defeat. He had  rather quit before the party breathes its last.  





Not the first


Contrary to the reports appearing in a section of the press, the punishment of 50 lashes awarded to a female journalist in Saudi Arabia is not the first of its kind in the kingdom. A few years ago, a young woman from a noble family was beheaded in public for the crime of committing adultery.


Jorhat Singh



 Combat alcoholism, save lives


According to an official statement on July 31, 1964, the American Medical Association, alcohol aside from its addictive qualities also has a psychological effect that modifies thinking and reasoning. One drink changes the thinking process of an alcoholic so that he feels he can tolerate another…


Many of us are at still not aware that alcoholism is a disease and alcoholics are sick people who need love, care and attention. They are unaware that due to this disease they face multiple disorders like physical damages, mental damages, spiritual, social, financial damage and this also affects family relationships. Many times we disregard our negativity and powerlessness over alcohol.


I was an alcoholic for many years. For me the drink became so important that everything else was meaningless. I was afraid that leaving the bottle would mean having unnecessary headaches, hypertensions, and other problems... I had to take hard decisions to leave the bottle.


Catejan Peter D’Souza

Mumbai 400 075



Chilling picture

A reading of the article on Maoists (DH Oct 24)

sends a chill down the spine. That the violence unleashed by them

on policemen who have to lose their lives in the line of duty

shows their scant respect for human life. What is worse, this violence

has now taken deeper roots and has emboldened them to the point of

 beheading the hapless victims. The ruthless nature of their violence

is ample indication that they are no different from other terrorist outfits.


 The Sri Lankan Govt.  has utilised their defense forces to destroy the LTTE.

The Pakistan Defence Forces ( with US aid ) are now fighting the Taliban with

some success. I fail to understand why we hesitate to use our defense forces to combat the violence of  Maoists.


TK Nagarajan,



Terrorism must be stopped

Terrorism, whether it is internal or external - in any form, should be curbed.  In this connection we have to take the example of Sri Lanka. The naxal problem in India remains unabated for the last one decade.  

Our Home Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram is reported to have disclosed that "there is certainly evidence of weapons being smuggled from abroad through Myanmar, Bangladesh, and possibly Nepal” Why are our intelligence agencies silent on these issues.

Gururajan Ramachandran,


Why was Congress silent till now?

Loss of income to the Government to the extent of Rs. 60,000 crores in 2G spectrum scam is not fresh find. Well before the Lok Sabha elections opposition parties including BJP & CPM, especially AIADMK leader Ms. Jayalalitha has been demanding removal of the Telecommunication Minister A Raja from the UPA-I Govt. and insisted on ordering an enquiry.

It is a mystery why the Congress leadership who maintained silence over 18 months and retained Raja as Telecommunication Minister in UPA-II cabinet against the wishes of our PM, gave a go to conduct CBI raid.

 I am unable to understand why the opposition parties demand resignation of the Minister, instead of demanding sacking. And why blame only the Telcom Minister – what was our then Finance Minster Mr. Chidambaram doing when Raja’s decision  to follow first come first served principal and not auction spectrum , involved such a huge loss to nation’s exchequer?


K R Anandagopalan



 No need to soft-peddle

     Why India should not discuss Arunachal with China? Is it that we can't pursue reason with the Chinese? It is better that India creates an impression as a tough 

negotiator instead of soft peddler. China is a sophisticated and clever diplomatic nation. Hope, India uses extreme and smart diplomacy in beating China in it's own game.  




Skirting the main issue

The much-anticipated meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Chinese premier Wen Jiabao has made absolutely no headway in ironing out the differences over Arunachal Pradesh and other issues. This means that China will continue to pinprick India from time to time and give her tense moments. What is heartening in an otherwise dismal scenario is that the newly-elected Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Dorjee Khandu has demonstrated courage to term China’s claims to Arunachal Pradesh as its territory as “simply absurd”, asserting that the North-eastern state is an integral part of India.




Judiciary must clean its house

This is in regards to the embarrassment that judiciary has been facing from past few days due to one or the other issues whether it may be in the case of judges asserts bill, RTI, National judicial council or judges’ role in misappropriation of fund, corruption, and disproportionate of asserts. The judiciary has been overwhelmingly highlighted by the media and brought to confrontation to react for their interest. The judiciary needs to clear its in-house pollution as this is will lead in the erosion of people’s faith in the judiciary.


 The independence of judiciary is the hallmark of Indian democracy that should be protected and need not infringe by the intervention of executive. The government has already had enough powers for them and that is more than sufficient allowing a major role of government to participate in the judicial process will lead to unappreciable precedent.


The need of hour is to resolve the dispute of those waiting for  justice and judiciary needs to concentrate more on reducing the pendency of cases, reduce the burden from courts, deliver  justice swiftly. The constitution of law commissions without implementing the recommendations will serve no purpose in making judiciary people friendly. Let the government be honest in its deeds.


Syed Khaja

New Delhi 60


Control use of farm lands for other purposes !

It is reported (DH news 23 rd Oct) that  Chief Minister Yedyurappa while approaching educational institutions for donations for flood relief fund is offering to amend laws to facilitate direct purchase of agricultural lands.. He also promises land for starting
educational institutions in flood affected areas.
 These amounts to corruption and  favouritism. The educational institutions are in a position to contribute significantly to the relief funds with their earning. Will the Government give favours to all those   who have been contributing for the relief?
In Karnataka education has become a commercial venture quite often cornered by political leaders.
We do not need commercial institutions in flood affected areas. It is preferable for the government to start its own institutions in these areas and try to provide quality education at affordable cost. It is also necessary that government have control on sale of agricultural lands for usage for other purposes. We should not allow agricultural lands to shrink by accommodating other activities.




Pendency of Court Cases


        Presenting the “Vision Statement” to the Chief Justice of India K.G. Balakrishnan, Union Law Minister has rightly traced the delay in selection of judges to the increased number of collegium members.   The Law Minister has also made a startling revelation that there are 53000 cases in Supreme Court, 40 lakh cases in High Courts and 2.7 crore cases in lower courts.   Most of the cases are prolonged for no genuine reasons.   Justice mongers are silently suffering due to inordinate delay in the delivery of justice.   There is imperative need to fix time-frame for judges for disposal of cases within a short time apart from supporting the judiciary with the appointment of adequate number of judges.   Adjournments for no serious seasons should not be entertained.   If delayed justice is denial of justice to the needy, their opponents in the court find it advantageous to them.   Non co-operation in the speedy disposal of cases by the opposite lawyers renders the job of courts very difficult in making the justice reach out to the needy in time.   Judicial reforms must be given urgent priority to make the justice available at the least cost and within a short span of one or two years.   Otherwise delayed justice will be proverbial denied justice.