Taste this highly prized shellfish

Taste this highly prized shellfish

Sure it looks ugly... but who cares? We even admit that the presentation of a dish increases appetite even more but really, that is a small detail you should ignore when it comes to experimenting with something like an oyster!

So don’t go by its looks for oysters are consumed, cooked and even eaten raw as a delicacy. Oysters can be eaten on a half shell - raw, smoked, boiled, baked, fried, roasted, stewed, steamed or broiled. Eating it can be as simple as opening the shell and eating its contents, including the juices. Butter and salt are often the only seasonings to this dish.

Ask any oyster lover which dishes he swears by and names like Oysters Rockefeller, (whose preparation can be very elaborate), Char-grilled Oyster, Kakifurai and deep-fried oysters will be surely named as favourites.

Oysters are an excellent source of zinc, iron, calcium and selenium, as well as vitamin A and Vitamin B12. Not only that, a dozen raw oysters contains only 110 calories and considered most nutritious when eaten raw.

Talking to Metrolife, Nikita Khattar, owner of a Hawaiin restaurant Bora Bora, says, “Oyster is one of the most expensive sea foods and is priced at a minimum of Rs 1200 per plate. But the saddest part is that Delhiites are very aprrehensive about having oysters. They think it is some kind of an insect and avoid it. Most go for fish and prawns and do not like to experiment too much.”
“The ones who prefer having oysters are the expats living in Delhi as they have proper knowledge about the shellfish. Although, bland in taste, we serve it as grilled, deep-fried, in soup wine sauce and in garlic and butter. The deep-fried oyster gives it a taste like pakodas.”

Unlike other sea-food, oysters have a long shelf life of up to four weeks. However, their taste becomes less pleasant as they age. They should be refrigerated out of water, not frozen, and stored in 100 per cent humidity. Oysters stored in water under refrigeration will open up, consume available oxygen and die.

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