I am skinny but tough, says Obama

I am skinny but tough, says Obama

Prez slams Republican critics

Obama was in Miami raising $1.5 million for Democratic congressional candidates for the 2010 elections, in which Democrats are seeking to hold onto their strong majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

After weeks in which he has been angrily criticised by some on the right, to the point of creating a poster image of him with a Hitler mustache, Obama told a fund-raising event that some of his supporters have been expressing concern to him.

“I have tried to explain...  just because I am skinny does not mean I am not tough. I do not rattle. I am not going to shrink back, because now is the time for us to continue to push and follow through on those things that we know have to be done but have not been done in decades,” he said.

And he had tough words for those Republican critics, who, he says, are not helping solve some of the problems that festered when they were in control of the White House and Congress. “Lately, I feel like somebody made a big mess and I have got my mop and I am mopping the floor and the folks who made the mess are there (saying) ‘you are not mopping fast enough. You are not mopping the right way. It is a socialist mop.’”

The president also used speeches at two Miami political events to contest the notion circulated by some political commentators and Republican critics that he has little show in the way of accomplishments during his nine months in office.