Polishing English language skills

International students

Polishing English language skills

The City has its fair share of foreign students, who come to pursue higher education. English is the most commonly spoken language and most of these foreign students, who have a problem communicating in English, end up going to classes to learn the language.

And help these students learn the language, the colleges provide intensive English training for foreign applicants during summer to help them cope with classes before the college starts. They also provide basic information about Indian culture.

Metrolife interacted with a few college managements and students to understand how these intensive English training classes help. Christ University has implemented a two-month training programme that runs into 320 hours. This programme has four basic modules including grammar, reading skills, writing skills and speaking and listening skills, that are taught to students in two batches. This is done during the month of April and May, before the academic year commences.

This intensive course is compulsory, especially for students who come from Africa and East-Asian countries because they usually learn English as a second language and hence lack proficiency in english and communication skills. This programme, initiated by the Office of International affairs of the Department of Christ University and offered by the English Department, is an encouraging step to help students understand the basics of language, in order to communicate and understand lessons being taught in class. Talking more about the initiative, Jeremy D’cruz, the teacher-in-charge of reading and communications skills at Christ University says, “English is a funny language.” He adds, “Students usually translate from their mother tongue and make practical mistakes, even after knowing the grammar. French and English are close and this confuses the students sometimes as well.”

   Jason Zhou from China who wants to do a Computer Mathematics Electronics (CME) course in Christ University says that he loves the enthusiasm of the teachers and finds the exercises very helpful. “Grammar is taught in a way that helps me remember well. The course is tough but not very difficult. With a little bit of concentration, my communication skills and vocabulary have improved a lot,” says Abraham Yann A, a computer engineering course applicant, who finds the faculty helpful.  Hyun-tae Gill, a senior engineer from Korea is not a student but he was allowed to be a part of the classes. Hyun-tae Gill says, “The course in English helps me interact with my colleagues at work and helps me communicate more effectively. The tips, offered at the course sharpen my pronunciation.”
 Jain University has started a similar course for the international student community in its college. The faculty of the programme grade the assignments and exercises along with the interview of the candidates when they first apply.

The course is offered only after assessing the need of a particular student and it is based on the proficiency in the language and a suitable timing. The special training is conducted before the commencement of the academic course, that is, during the vacation as well as after college hours. The training programme not only concentrates on the basics of English language, but different aspects like soft skills training, including enhancement of interpersonal communication, public speaking and

presentations, and exposure to Indian culture through classes and tours to different parts of the City.

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